File. Thailand, the Malay States and the British in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

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1) University of Hull examination paper: History of Burma, Malaysia and Thailand, c. 1780 - 1941. Ts., 3 pp.

2) Burma and Siam in the eighteenth century. DK Bassett. Ts., 11 ff.

3) The Thai monarchy and kingdom, before and during the eighteenth century. DKB. Ts., 8 ff.

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5) The Chakri dynasty. DKB. Ts., 14 ff., and ms., 14 ff.

6) Malaysian history of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. DKB. Ts., 12 ff.

7) British policy on the Malay states, 1772 - 1812. DKB. Ts., 8 ff.

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10) Burney: Kedah, 1771 - 1821. Notes by DKB. Ts., 3 ff.

11) The offer of Penang, 1785. DKB. Ts., 3 ff.

12) Penang's commerce, 1786 - 1819. DKB. Ts., 3 ff.

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17) A draft chapter for a book. Marked: "Chapter 5: Spice plantations in the British settlements." (i.e. in Malaya, c.1790 - c.1855). DKB. Ts., 57 ff., quarto: (carbon copy): i) Pepper planting in early Penang; ii) Nutmegs and cloves in Penang and Province Wellesley; iii) The nutmeg mania in Singapore; iv) Pepper, nutmegs and cloves in early Malacca; v) Spice cultivation in the Straits Settlements: methods and problems

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