File. Doctoral thesis: drafts and notes

Scope and Content


1) Chapter 12: The eclipse of the English at Bantam, 1670 - 1682. (Note: this should probably be Chapter 8. There are no drafts of Chapters 9-11). Ts., 28 ff., fcp.

2) Chapter 12: a carbon copy, 28 ff., fcp.

3) Notes on Bantam. Ts., + Ms., 4 ff., fcp.

4) Trade of Bantam with various ports, 1658 - 1681. Horizontal tables, Ms., 23 ff., fcp.

5) Letters home. (Copies of documents from Bantam). Manuscript copies by D.K. Bassett, 38 ff.

6) Anthony Reid: Trade and state power in sixteenth and seventeenth century Southeast Asia. From Seventh IAHA Conference, Bangkok, August 1977. See DBA 5/2. Ts., 30 ff.

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