File. Colonial elites in South-East Asia

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1) The role of the indigenous elite under Colonial government in South-East Asia. DK Bassett. Ts., 31 ff. (Bibliography: Major Sources, ff. 28-31). (A seminar paper given by Dr. Bassett at the ASEAUK Conference, Hull, March 1982: Western Colonialism in South-East Asia and its aftermath. See further, DBA/5/4/2)

2) The role and status of the indigenous elite under Colonial government in Burma, Malaysia and the Philippines. DKB. Ts., 12 ff.

3) H. Tinker: 'The Union of Burma'. (Notes and comments by DKB. Ts., 5 ff.)

4) University of Rangoon students: statistics, 1931-1940. Ms., 1 f. & 2 ff.

5) Stockwell: 'Prominent Malays'. (Begins with Tunku Abdul Rahman, b.1902). (Notes by DKB., Ms., 3 ff.)

6) Malaya: Higher education statistics, 1938. Ms., 4 ff.

7) Luis Taruc: 'Born of the People'. (On the Philippines. Notes by DKB. Ms., 6 ff.)

8) Michael Vickery: Thai regional elites and the reforms of Chulalongkorn. ('Journal of Asian Studies', 29, 1974, pp. 863-81. Photocopy)

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