Artificial File. Notes and other records relating to South-East Asian history

Scope and Content

Includes notes on 'Madras, British Country Trade and Local [States]'; 'Country Trade at N. End of Malacca Strait'; 'J.S. Turnivall, Educational Progress in S.E. Asia (1943)'; 'Hmannam Yazawin Dawgyi'; 'Vietnam: Economic Changes'; 'Woodside, Vietnam'; 'B.L. Evans, The Attitudes and policies of Great Britain and China towards French expansion in Cochin-China, Cambodia, Annam and Tongking 1858-1883'; 'C.A. [Majul], Moslems in the Philippines'; 'Charles Lockyer, An Account of the Trade in India' (1711); 'French Moves in Tongking 1973-4' as well as draft articles including 'Aspects of Western Colonialism in South-East Asia in the Nineteenth Century'; 'Internal Aspects of Modernization in Thailand 1892-1925'; 'Ibn Fadlan's Account of Scandinavian Merchants on the Volga in 922'; 'Malaysia & its Neighbours. The Thai Dependencies 1821-1826' and 'Vietnamese Policy and French Expansion 1862-1880'.

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