Assignment of Term of 500 Years

Scope and Content

1. John Hollier of Thame, gent.

2. Thomas Weld the elder of Lullworth

Castle, Dorset, Esq.

3. Edward Goodchild of Greenfield,

Watlington, gent.

4. John Cooper of Henley upon Thames,


Lands and properties as in


Term created by will of Sir Edward

Simeon dated 15 June 1764.

(see SL8/2/D/10).

(1) at appointment of (2) and nomination

of (3) assigns to (4) in trust for (3).

Further Assignment of Term of 500 Years

endorsed on reverse, dated 13 November

1834, between:

(i) Compton Reade, administrator of

John Cooper, deceased.

(ii) Thomas Hussey.

(iii)a. George Henry Freeling.

b. John Clayton Freeling.

c. William Tetlow Hibbert.

(iv) Charles Rivers Freeling.

This assignment occurs chronologically

between the deeds described in Cat. Ref.

SL8/2/D/17 and 19.