Translation of the Subha (part 2), Kevaṭṭa and Lohicheha Suttas

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Scope and Content

The book contains the translation of 3 Theravāda Buddhist suttas: Subha (part 2; for part 1 see DJG/3/6), Kewaṭṭa and Lohicheha. Written in Gogerly's hand, possibly in Tangalle, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), date unknown. Translated from Sinhalese. Black ink, loose foolscap pages. The translation of the Subha sutta is 20 pages, written on both sides. The story depicts a conversation between Subha Todeyyaputta and Ānanda at Savatthi soon after the Buddhas death. The Kevaṭṭa sutta (15 pages of translation) talks about the householder Kevaṭṭa, who invites the Buddha to display various miraculous powers in order to show his spiritual superiority. Finally, the Lohicheha text (14 pages of translation) deals with the problems of prosperity, longevity and 'universal' education. 33cmX20.2cm.

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