Translation of the Selections from the Aṅguttara-nikāya

Scope and Content

The manuscript is an original Gogerly translation of various fragments from the first 50 suttas of the Aṅguttara-nikāya. It includes Pāli, Sinhalese and English text. Written in Gogerly's hand in Sri Lanka (Ceylon), date unknown. The file includes 5 bound A4 notebooks of brown paper (having 19/20/16/18/32 sheets, respectively). Some of the sheets are loose. Notebook 4 is very fragile. The Aṅguttara-nikāya is a Buddhist scripture, the fourth of the five nikāyas ('collections') in the Sutta Piṭaka. This nikāya consists of several thousand suttas ascribed to the Buddha and his chief disciples, which are arranged in eleven books, according to the number of dhamma items referenced in them. Notebooks 4 and 5 includes a short vocabulary. Approx. 30.5cmX20cm.

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