Translation of the Fragment from the Culla-vaga of the Khandhaka Book

Scope and Content

The manuscript is a Gogerly translation of a fragment from the Culla-vagga of the Khandhaka Book (the second book of the Vinaya Piṭaka). Handwritten by Gogerly in Sri Lanka (Ceylon); date unknown. The notebook includes an English translation (on the left side of the page) and the text in the Sinhalese script (on the right). It consists of two loose double sheets, the text being written on 4 pages only. Blue paper, brown ink. There is the previous damage to the paper. The fragment discusses the Tajjāniya-kāmma - an act of censure, whereby a Buddhist community may strip a monk of some of their communal rights in the case of an offence or a refusal to confess to an offense.

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