Translation of the Mahāvagga 1

Scope and Content

The manuscript is an original Gogerly translation of the Mahāvagga text. Written in Sri Lanka (Ceylon); date unknown. It contains two bound booklets that include English translation and the text written in the Sinhalese script. The first notebook has 21 pages of text with 21 pages left blank. The second one contains 37 pages of text, though three sheets are torn and therefore some pieces of the translation are lost. Written mainly on one side; brown ink. The translation includes many corrections and notes. Slightly fragile. The Mahāvagga is the first volume of the Theravādin Buddhist Khaṇḍhaka book (from the Vinaya Piṭaka), and includes accounts of the Buddha's and his great disciples' awakenings, as well as rules for uposatha days (days of mindful observance) and monastic ordination. Approx. 25.3cmX17.5cm.

Geographical Names