Translation of the Brahmajāla Sutta 1

Scope and Content

The manuscript is a Gogerly translation of the Brahmajāla sutta. It consists of 5 notebooks, the first being bound by a thread. Written in Gogerly's hand, probably in Sri Lanka (Ceylon); date unknown. Translated from Sinhalese. The first notebook consists of a 10 page fragment from his English translation of the Brahmajāla sutta; the remaining 22 pages of the notebook are left blank. The other 4 notebooks (96 pages in total) are Sinhalese verses from the Brahmajāla sutta, written mainly on one side of the sheet. The paper shows signs of ageing. Slightly fragile. The sutta discusses two main topics: 1) the elaboration of the Ten Precepts (Cūḷa-sīla), the Middle Precepts (Majjhima-sīla), and the Great Precepts (Mahā-sīla); 2) the 62 beliefs (diṭṭhi) which are devoutly practised by ascetics in India. Approx. 20.5cmX16cm.

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