Translation of the Kuśa Jātaka (draft)

Scope and Content

The manuscript is a Gogerly's translation of the Kuśa jātaka. Translated around 1830-1860; most likely in Colombo or Negombo, Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Transcribed by an unknown author. From Sinhalese to English; 29 pages. The translated selection includes the first 131 stanzas (gathas) of the original text (approx. 800 stanzas). There is a note, that the translation 'is not sufficiently complete for publication.' The text is full of corrections and amendments in red. The basic outline of the Kuśa jātaka offers a narrative about the bodhisattva born as the powerful but hideously ugly King Kuśa. He falls in love with the extraordinarily beautiful princess Prabhāvatī, and in this regard the story deals with his determined wooing of her despite her rejection of him as a suitor. 32.5cmX20cm.