Translation of the Ambaṭṭha (171-228), Soṇadaṇḍa and Kūtadanta Suttas ('The Second Book')

Scope and Content

The notebook includes the complete translations of the Ambaṭṭha and Soṇadaṇḍa suttas as well as the part 1 of the Kūtadanta sutta translation. Written in Gogerly's hand, probably in Colombo, Sri Lanka; date unknown. 62 pages. The Ambaṭṭha sutta denounces the principles of caste and the pretensions of Brahmins. The Soṇadaṇḍa sutta features a discussion between the Buddha and the well-known Brahmin Soṇadaṇḍa on the actions that monks and nuns should avoid in order to be 'perfected in morality.' The Kūtadanta sutta tells a story about a king called Mahāvījita, who wanted to organize a large-scale sacrifice to ensure his comfort and welfare for many years to come. 20.3cmX16.4cm.

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