Manuscript on the Evil Conduct in Jātakas

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Scope and Content

The manuscript is a description of the evil conduct in the jātaka tales of the Theravāda Jātaka textual tradition (the tales concerning the previous births of Gautama Buddha). Written in Gogerly's hand on January 12, 1866 in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). The book is written in both ends and can be devided into 3 sections. The first section includes 29 pages listing around 553 descriptions of ethically immoral behaviour found in different Theravāda Buddhist jātakas. The descriptions are numbered and aligned in two columns, dividing the pages into two parts. Some of the pages show signs of aging and fading, but the text (Sinhalese) is clearly visible. The second section is 24 blank pages. The last piece, which is reversed and starts from the back side of the book, seems to give English explanation of some terms depicting the evil conduct in jātaka tradition. It consists of six pages only. Some of the sheets are loose. 19.5cmX16cm.

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