Probate Copy of Will: Lewis Owen of Twickenham, co. Middlesex, Esq.

Scope and Content

PROBATE COPY of will dated Sept. 4th 1623 of Lewis Owen of Twickenham, co. Middlesex, Esq. he leaves his property in Holborne, and elsewhere in co. Middlesex to his wife Ellen for 30 years. Out of the income from this estate she is to pay bequests to the poor of the parishes of St. Margaret's and St. Andrew's. A further bequest to the poor of the parish of Twickenham is to be paid out of property left to his sister's son, William Jones. He also leaves a small house in Twickenham for the benefit of poor persons over the age of 70. Property in Burntwood co. Essex is left to Jesus College, Oxford for the support if 2 scholars each year to be chosen from pupils at the free grammar school at Bewmares, with preference being given to his relatives if any are suitable. There are numerous monetary bequests to his servants and relatives, and he also makes specific bequest of his personal effects. The residuary legatee us his wife who is also appointed executrix until her death when his cousin William Salsbury is to be executor or in the event of his death, John Williams. After his wife's death the estate in England is to go to William Salsbury and his heirs male. In default of issue it is bequeathed firstly to his brother Robert Salsbury and his heirs then to Henry Jones, then to Hugh Williams. In consideration of a deed of feoffment in which his cousin, Hugh Williams, was entrusted with disposing of the profits of the rectory of Eglesrosse, co. Carnarvon he is given the lease of Yorke farms in Twickenham. He is also given a tenement in Bewmares and other property in Anglesey from which 52s. per annum is to be paid to the churchwardens of the parishes of Bewmares and the parish wherein the township of Beyneham lies to be spent for bread for the poor of the parishes. His sister Jane is to have his property in Carnarvon and Denbigh and after her death it is to go to her son Robert Salsbury, and in default of issue of Henry Jones, another son who is also to receive his lands in Bodsilin and Llanverham (sic) from which 52s. per year is to be paid to the churchwardens of Llanbeder and 26s. to the churchwardens of Llanvairvechan to be spent on bread for the poor. His right of patronage and the tithes of the rectory of Conway is given in trust to Hugh Williams and Henry Jones who are to lease the patronage and with the money provide, gowns, shorts, smocks, stockings and shoes for the poor of Conway parish and other parishes in the commote. The profits from the rectory of Eglesrosse are to be used to pay the preacher £7 per annum on condition he preach 12 sermons a year there and any remaining profits to provide relief for the poor people living in the almshouses at Penmynydd. There are further bequests to other poor relatives not specifically mentioned (paid out of 500 marks collected from his debtors in Wales) who are not to have more than £10 each. Hugh Williams is appointed his executor in Wales. He is to make a list of all outstanding debts in Wales which he is to give to his cousin Hugh Jones who is residual legatee.

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