Letter: Ja. Williams, Llanfairynghornwy, to the secretary of the Charity Commission

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LETTER: Ja. Williams, Llanfairynghornwy, to the secretary of the Charity Commission giving him the information requested in his letter.

1. The sum of £63 less property tax is paid by Lord Mostyn, the owner of the rectory of Eglwys Rhos. The payments are made half yearly and they are generally overdue. When the writer receives the money he pays the almsmen immediately. He complains that the commission is slow in refunding the property tax and in releasing the charity from the imposition as he has requested.

2. Only 8 of the 10 chambers are occupied. One has been vacant since 1848 as no suitable candidate has offered himself for selection. The £6 p. a. stipend has been credited to the general fund account and used for repairs. The other chamber has been allocated but the almsman is non-resident. Mr. Williams thought it would be a good idea to repair each chamber as the opportunity arose.

3. The sum of £6 p. a. is paid to each almsman but it has been the practice to leave chambers vacant for 3 months when vacancies occur as the only means of keeping up the repair fund.

4. The regulations are generally kept except for the case of non-residence (see above) and the provision that the almsmen should attend church.

5. He regrets he can't forward an account as repairs are still in progress.

6. The state of repair of the almshouse sis deplorable and the money in the fund will scarcely be enough money to make the chambers inhabitable.

In a postscript the writer adds that one man obtained a chamber by false pretences and steps were being taken to make him quit.


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