Scope and Content

From John Clayton, [SO's stepfather], concerning the purchase of 'Scotch bullocks and heifers' for SO [it appears even at this early date that SO was keen to set up as a farmer and stock-breeder]. He discusses difficulties in finding them for suitable prices. He will look out for heifers and 'young barron cows' at the fairs, which can be sold again in the spring. He says if wants to keep them all summer he would advise purchasing young cows or 'some Good Scots'; mentions some domestic details: 'Either you or your brother must buy Sam a Rockin Cheer [chair] which he is very fond of and Jenny says he must have One Against he comes home'; says he is off to Kendal with some wintering cows, and says if he can buy Scottish cattle he will send them.'

Dated at: Roscow Law [Lancs].