Tony Harrison related tapes

Scope and Content

Collection of 40 tapes (mostly VHS, with some audio cassettes). Tapes show a wide range of Harrison's work, from films, documentaries, to reviews and interviews.

The collection includes the following:
'The Oresteia at Epidairus / T. Harrison The Oresteia Part I / Agamemnon', n.d., VHS
'Arrows of Desire a poetry series in twelve parts programmes 1-4' Optic Nerve, 2002, VHS
'The Oresteia / Part II / The Libation Bearers & Part III / Eumenides / (The Furies)', n.d., VHS
'The Oresteia / Liza Lim Tony Harrison', n.d., VHS
Untitled, n.d., VHS
'Tony Harrison 'Bookmark' / Love in a Cold Climate', n.d., VHS
'Tony Harrison Selected Poems 2nd Edition', n.d., Cassette
'Tony Harrison Six Poems Readings & Interviews', n.d., VHS
'Proquest Tony Harrison Optic Nerve', n.d., VHS
'Yan Tan Tethera Tony Harrison', n.d., VHS
'Voices – Progs 1 and 2', n.d., VHS
'Voices of exile (702003/TO2) (Clean copy)', n.d., VHS
'BBC tv Base ops Viewing Tape / Prog: The Late Show / Title: PASB 1/10/92 / Prog No: 50LMA W154J', 1992, VHS
'Poetry in Motion / Childhood, Women in Love, - Vice and Villainy, in Memoriam', n.d., VHS
'Poetry or Bust by Tony Harrison performed by Northern Broadsides at Salts Mill / 11 Sept. 93.', 1993, VHS
'Poetry or Bust by Tony Harrison performed by Northern Broadsides at Salts Mill / 11 Sept. 93.', 1993, VHS
'The Mysteries Doomsday / T. Harrison Ch. 4.', n.d., VHS
'Tony Harrison The Poetry Anthology 26.9.94', 1994, VHS
'BBC tv copy shop viewing tape / Prog.: The Late Show / Title: TX 30:06:93 / Prog No: 50/LMAB204W', 1993, VHS
'Voice over guide tape for Tony Harrison', n.d., VHS
'The Big H Gordon file copy', n.d., VHS
Untitled, n.d., VHS
'Tony Harrison int after Daisies / Black Daisies for the Bride The Late Show / Tony Harrison', n.d., VHS
'Loving Memory:2:Mimmo Perrella non epiu Tx:23.7.87', 1987, VHS
'Loving Memory:1:Letters in the Rock Tx:16.7.87', 1987, VHS
'Loving Memory:3:The Muffled Bells Tx:30.7.87', 1987, VHS
'Naples-In Loving Memory', n.d., VHS
'Loving Memory:Cheating the Void Tx:6.8.87', 1987, VHS
'The Mysteries – Preview / T. Harrison Part I Nativity Ch. 4 22.12.85', 1985, VHS
'Them & Uz / Tony Harrison Arena BBC2 15.4.85', 1985, VHS
'The Bluebird', n.d., VHS
'The Sonnet Gordon file copy', 1997, VHS
'South Bank Show "Tony Harrison"', 1999, VHS
'The London Studios SBS Tony Harrison', 1999, VHS
'Channel 4 Television / 4Learning / Arrows of Desire Series II / Optic Nerve', n.d., VHS
'rear window 2/9 "Reflection on new world order"', 1991, VHS
'CTVC / The Apostles Programme 9 – Judas', n.d., VHS
'BBC / Resources Metamorpheus 14:9 BBC Tx Version', 2000, VHS
'The Frame: Voices of Exile', n.d., VHS
'Arctic Paradise', n.d., VHS

Access Information

The majority of this collection is on VHS tape & not currently accessible in Special Collections Reading Room.

Conditions Governing Use

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Custodial History

Previously in the possession of Gordon Dickerson, formerly Tony Harrison's literary agent.