Letter from G. Jekyll [Gertrude Jekyll] to William Robinson

Scope and Content

Written from Munstead, Godalming, [Surrey]. Manuscript

It will be interesting to test the two pyrolas; she has prepared a place in the old rockery for them, using an upright stone between them to keep the roots separate; she likes soldanella but has some already, however ‘it should come for your nursery if you find it’ as it is too good a plant to pass up a supply; Scilla autumnalis is not a first rate thing but autumn bulbs are scarce; ‘that is good news – that new feeling like being well again!’; she is sending him two books, Samuel Brohl and Fromentin’s ‘Sahara’; the vivid pictures in the latter delight her, and he is one of the fine French painters who ‘invented the East’ for pictorial purposes; it contains a remarkable description of Laghouat; she urges him to read Henry James’s ‘Portrait of a Lady’; she forgets if she already told Robinson he has a five foot run of Gentiana verna in the alpine garden, planted among little stones in a way she expects to be praised for

Dated 6 Nov, no year [?c.1882-1883; Jekyll was writing about the ‘alpine garden’ in other letters to Robinson in 1882 and 1883]