Letter from S. Reynolds Hole [Samuel Reynolds Hole, Dean Hole] to William Robinson

Scope and Content

Written from Caunton Manor, Newark, [Nottinghamshire]. Manuscript

Mr Carmichael believes that fruit prizes need to be reviewed and will publish some suggestions; Reynolds Hole encouraged Carmichael to send them to a ‘young publication devoted to gardening by a devoted gardener’; Carmichael may forget so Robinson can remind him if he wishes; Messrs Blackwood and Son are offering Reynolds Hole two thirds of any profit of ‘Six of Spades’ which he will accept; the article on Birmingham Congress is excellent; Mr Chiswick seems exhausted from his achievement of judging at 1000 shows in 1000 hours, but he will put him to work as soon as he can

Undated [1872; the Birmingham Congress took place 25-29 Jun 1872 and a report of it appeared in ‘The Garden’ on 27 Jul 1872]