Letter from Frederic Harrison to William Robinson

Scope and Content

Written from 10 Royal Crescent, Bath, [Somerset]. Manuscript

He does not understand Robinson’s recent letter, and asks if Robinson is referring to the ‘New Calendar’ of which he is editor but only part author; the paper was selected to keep the price moderate; there is much original matter in the 670 pages, and the 15 contributors have all been unpaid over the 22 years; the intended audience was mostly poor students and the book was not offered to great scholars or libraries; the 3000 copies are nearly gone so a revision and reissue are necessary; this will not be done by himself as he is now in his 84th year; it was a great deal of work over many years to produce the book; he sees no possibility of the book being enlarged, certainly by him; in their monthly ‘Positivist Review’ he is writing notes each month until April 1915, if he lives; he is surprised Robinson had difficulty finding his address, as he sent notifications to the press and to 500 friends, and his post is redirected; he does not regret moving from Elm Hill to Bath, for the sake of his wife’s health and his own desire for peace and convenience; he considered other locations but is proud to be a resident of Bath; he believes it is the most beautiful city in England and describes its virtues; he describes the position of the house and gives details of its gardens including plants and trees, pergolas, grape house, fruit, vegetables, summer houses, tool house and rock garden, the latter laid out by the planter of the Bath Botanic Garden; they enjoy their small gardens in Bath more than their large garden at Hawkhurst