Letter from Frank Miles [George Francis Miles] to William Robinson

Scope and Content

Written from The Garden Office, 37 Southampton Street, Covent Garden, London WC. Manuscript

He has had a long talk with Mr Ruskin [John Ruskin] and told him of the good work Robinson is doing among the people, and his delight was intense; Ruskin is keen to improve some bog land at Brantwood and Robinson may like to give him a copy of his ‘Wild Garden’; he may also let Ruskin have some of the best copies of ‘The Garden’; Miles has selected his mother’s daffodils as these are a favourite hobby with Ruskin; if Robinson could find the Calochortus venustus print Miles would like Ruskin to know of its existence; Miles will get Ruskin as keen as possible for ‘The Garden’

Undated [?between 1877 and 1879; Miles was contributing to ‘The Garden’ by 1877, aged 25; the letterhead is printed with a line for the date and ‘187...’]