Letter from Sydney Spalding to Nurse Gilpin [Mary Gilpin]

Scope and Content

Written from Avenue House, South Darenth, Kent. Manuscript

He would like another of the little photos if possible; he has just returned from Paris; the Berthas missed him by 24 hours; they began again just after he left; their shells had created a big hole on either side of his hotel and he wondered when the next one was coming; he met some Americans who were keen to finish the job and not very particular as to the method; their Air Service will give the Germans a surprise; he began to see daylight when he saw the young Americans outside the Waldorf Hotel; however this is the fifth year of the war, and those of them who took the war seriously and anxiously are amply justified, and it is not over yet; they would have been nearer the end had the nation not been misled by the press which suppressed the worst and told the best