Letter from Reginald Farrer to William Robinson

Scope and Content

Written from Lanchow [Lanzhou, China]. Manuscript

He had hoped to send Gravetye a token of his travels in memory of their last talk; now, considering the astonishing behaviour of Robinson’s sub editor, he fears Robinson will feel his poppy as a coal of fire; he hopes the sub editor may be better supervised in future, and not single out Farrer for ‘outbursts of vulgar venom’, nor criticise E.A. Bowles, ‘least of all at the instigation of those unhappy poor people who are as rich in everything money can buy as they are poverty-stricken in all that it can’t!’

Dated 1 Jan, no year [1915; Farrer was in Lanchow in the winter of 1914-1915. See ‘On the Eaves of the World’, vol. 1 / by Reginald Farrer]