Letter from E. Willmott [Ellen Willmott] to Miss Gilpin [Mary Gilpin]

Scope and Content

Written from Warley Place, Great Warley, Essex. Manuscript

Miss White of Alexandra College, Dublin [Ireland], is in London seeing a new person about her rheumatism; she asked to visit William Robinson and his garden, using one of his bath chairs; Willmott told her she should write direct to him; White is a wonderful gardener; Willmott has given up bothering and is waiting for the worst and not letting a soul know; she feels grave and run down because old age has been accelerated by all she is going through; she is struggling on alone without a soul to be kind; the lady who offered to make up the mortgage with the others is returning to England next week with her nurse

Dated 30 Jul, no year [between 1910 and 1920; Robinson was paralysed in 1909 and would not have required bath chairs before this date; Willmott’s finances became more settled by c.1920]