Letter from Philip W. Currie [Philip Henry Wodehouse Currie] to William Robinson

Scope and Content

Written from the Foreign Office. Manuscript

He found Robinson’s note this morning; he did not realise Robinson would be leaving so soon or he would have sent the letters sooner; he encloses four letters, to Constantinople, Cairo, Madrid and Beirut; Colonel Trotter at Beirut will give Robinson every recommendation and information for Damascus; Cyprus is under the Colonial Office, and a letter will be sent to Robinson; he thinks a visit to Cyprus will be time-consuming as there is no regular steamer service; he recommends the Continental hotel in Cairo; he includes a letter to the Consul General at Alexandria in case Robinson should stop off there, as if he goes from Egypt to Cyprus he would need to embark at Alexandria; he wishes Robinson a good journey and asks if he would write to him occasionally

Dated 21 Jan, no year [1882; Robinson visited Egypt in 1882]