Letter from Henry Kingsley to William Robinson

Scope and Content

Written from Cuckfield, Sussex. Manuscript

He received a letter from Robinson’s publisher saying he must proceed against Kingsley for arrears relating to ‘The Garden’, which distressed him; he thought the paper was free; he asks if it is the sum of £2.10s which he owes Robinson, which he will repay as soon as he can but he is a poor man; he is about to receive £50 for two years’ work; he asks Robinson not to let his man take proceedings against him, as he has always supported ‘The Garden’ and thought Robinson one of his most pleasant acquaintances; if the worst came to the worst he could write off the debt, but he promises to repay Robinson’s personal debt shortly

Dated 15 Nov, no year [between 1875 and 1876; Kingsley moved to Cuckfield in 1875; he died in 1876]