Letter from Thomas B. Hanham [Thomas Hanham] to William Robinson

Scope and Content

Written from Manston House, near Blandford, [Dorset]. Manuscript

He is anxious to hear the result of Council, and hopes if they do no good, they will not do the cause harm; he has now seen a full account of Richards’ bill which he is glad to close up; Richards has nothing to do with the conveyance of material here from Wincanton; the same man did who put up the wood shed and was frightened at the eleventh hour; the man’s labour and time cost £12.1.6, and Richard’s account £55.0.0 which no one can think exorbitant; he had a chat with Richards over what remains of ‘our old friend’; Richards is in favour of an opening in the side to admit the coffin or remains and be closed again with a handle and a few wheels; a tray could not withstand the intense heat and there would be more difficulty in collecting the ashes; the brickwork ends would be made so as to support an arch, and a chimney half the height of the present would do; the whole would be hidden behind the ilex tree; all this is in abeyance but he likes to keep Robinson up to date; the results of his interviews with Mrs Reek and a Mrs Gabriel must wait until they meet, but he is to cremate them if he survives; Richards said the account would have been less had it not been for the conditions of secrecy, speed and adaptation required