Letter from Alfred Parsons to William Robinson

Scope and Content

Written from 54 Bedford Gardens, Kensington, [London] W. Manuscript

He has been remiss in not thanking Robinson sooner for ‘God’s Acre’; Abbey has been ill for a fortnight which along with fitting in his own work has kept him occupied; Abbey is recovering but it will be some weeks before he can work; the new edition is an improvement, and the urn photographs are a good idea; Lassan[?] said he had received a copy and would put notice of it in the magazine; he has not been able to see friends lately, and hopes to catch Robinson at Southampton Street one afternoon; he asks Robinson if he has given up the Madeira idea; Abbey asks to send his thanks for his copy

Dated 6 Feb, no year [1883; Robinson visited Madeira, leaving mid-Feb 1883]