Letter from Frank Miles [George Francis Miles] to William Robinson

Scope and Content

Written from The Priory, Cardigan, [Cardiganshire]. Manuscript

He asks Robinson to remember to forward the letter he sent for Mr Parkman; he asks where he should try for Clematis pitcheri; he thinks his mother will do her best for Robinson and suggests he send her the formal drawing; Miss Loftie asked him to write a handbook for Macmillan, ‘Art in the Garden’, but he said he did not have time; his little sister, a genius and only 14, might manage drawing on the wood; he has in mind some spots to have photographed for Robinson this year, such as a clump of Cyclamen hederifolium at the base of a tree stump; he manages a pottery and asks Robinson if he has ideas for new shapes of pots; lilies and other beautiful plants are grown in ugly pots and he wishes the public to be able to obtain artistic pots well suited to growing plants

Undated [1877; Miles writes of being at The Priory in ‘The Garden’, 3 Feb 1877, aged 25; his youngest sister, Agatha Adelaide was 14 in 1877]