Letter from J. Benita Poore [Juliana Benita Poore] to William Robinson

Scope and Content

Written from Alum Chine House, Rosemount Road, Bournemouth West, [Hampshire]. Manuscript

She is sorry not to have thanked him for his sympathetic letter about her beloved son, Roger, but she has not felt up to writing to anyone; it has been a crushing blow and an overwhelming sorrow; Roger’s wife would have died had she not had his son to think of; he was splendid and true, the soul of honour and beloved of all who knew him; however he has given his life that others may live and they must remember all the thousands who also suffer; her husband has been far from well for months and she dreads the long cold winter for him; she hopes Robinson is better than when she last saw him

[Major Roger Alvin Poore was killed in action in Sep 1917]