Letter from Thomas B. Hanham [Thomas Hanham] to William Robinson

Scope and Content

Written from The Royal Thames Yacht Club, 7 Albemarle Street, [London] W. Manuscript

He had lunch with Wells [Sir Thomas Spencer Wells] yesterday; the day before he received from Wells the enclosed letter [enclosure not present] in reply to one Wells had written to Thompson, who will do more harm to cremation; it seems madness to appeal to legislation to permit something that is already legal or to restrict that which at present is unrestricted; the limitation should come from those in power; precautions should be taken to be certain as to the cause of death of those who are to be cremated, and the same should be done in all cases of burial; delegates to the meeting will urge this course; Dr Leach brought Hanham a letter sent on to Leach by the editor of the ‘British Medical Journal’; the letter, sent to the editor, suggested Dr Leach must have hoaxed the paper as a letter had appeared in the London papers from Captain Hanham saying the whole story was untrue; Hanham wrote on the back that if the statement was true he would like more information as to who had forged his name, as Dr Leach’s report was true in every particular; he supposes this was a device of some pious person; he will leave town on Friday and return to the solitude of Manston where he will make himself as disagreeable as possible to the surrounding priesthood; he hopes Robinson’s liver is well; Wills dines with Thompson on Tuesday, and Hanham dines with him on Wednesday, by which time Wills will have found out which way the cat jumps