Letter from Rollo Meyer to William Robinson

Scope and Content

Written from Watton Rectory, [Watton-at-Stone], Hertford [Hertfordshire]. Manuscript

He thanks Robinson for his visit, during which he learnt a great deal; he will never forget Robinson’s house or garden, or their owner; he wishes Robinson could be appointed arbiter elegentiarum; he is sending a few bulbs of Narcissus Lucifer and some Louis XIV tulips; it has not been possible for him to lift his tulips this year so they will suffer from being transplanted; he would like to send many more of both bulbs next year as the tulips would look splendid in Robinson’s rooms; Robinson probably already has these varieties, in fact Nurse [Mary Gilpin] said he had Lucifer; he will have a plant of Mrs E. Powell rose sent to Robinson; he is sure Robinson has many visitors, many of whom know more about gardening than he, but none will have received greater pleasure from their visit; he thanks him for the copy of his book, which he will prize