Letter from de Saumarez [James de Saumarez, fourth Baron de Saumarez] to William Robinson

Scope and Content

Written from Saumarez Hall, Guernsey. Manuscript

He feels guilty that he has not thanked Robinson sooner for the volume which has no equal in their library in terms of execution and finish; he has recently been bothered by the ‘Standard’ and other Conservative papers having printed some nonsense as his statements; Pretzman made some injurious observations regarding de Saumarez having let the Home Farm at Shrubland; Pretzman’s fictions were embellished and finally attributed to de Saumarez resulting in his being the target of undeserved abuse; he encloses two relevant press cuttings; he envies Robinson his visit to Cliveden; he encloses a note of introduction in case Robinson has time to visit Hedsor, his nephew’s place; he will look Robinson up in a fortnight when he is in town; he thanks him for his extract from ‘The Field’ complimenting them on their fences, and again for ‘The Wild Garden’