‘Tree and garden book. Gravetye Manor’

Scope and Content

‘Gravetye Manor tree and garden book and building record. Commenced by William Robinson August 1885’. The volume begins with pages of calligraphy, and thereafter the hand varies, and is that of Robinson only in places, but with annotations by him throughout. Arranged by year, with sections on garden and landscape, and building operations

Pasted, written or drawn in are:

Pencil sketch of pansies with decorative words ‘Gravetye’ and initials ‘WR’ above and below (draft book plate)

Plan of the Gravetye estate as purchased, ink and watercolour, Jul 1885 (page 1)

Letter from Edouard Andre sending 400 cyclamens, Feb 1886 (page 18)

Lists of named varieties planted at Gravetye, of apples, carnations, pansies, trees and native shrubs, American trees and shrubs

Small plans are pasted or drawn on pages 12, 38, 42, 189 and 235

Plan of ‘The 86 acres (as purchased)’, 1888 (page 105)‘Plan [of Gravetye] used in the Statement of Claim’, c.1888 (page 111)

‘Plan of Mill Place Estate (as purchased)’, 1889 (page 119)

Press cutting and catalogue of pictures relating to an exhibition of paintings of Gravetye by W.E. Norton and H.G. Moon, Nov 1892 (pages 259-167)

List of plants supplied to Robinson at Gravetye Manor from France, Feb 1892 (page 269)

Notice of auction of Gravetye Manor from ‘The Times’, 1885 (page 286)

Inserted loose at pages 233-234 is a manuscript note in Robinson’s hand: ‘Begin. Copied up to the end of Good rustic work p234 1891’