Letter from Thos B. Hanham [Thomas Hanham] to William Robinson

Scope and Content

Written from The Royal Thames Yacht Club, 7 Albemarle Street, [London] W. Manuscript

He thinks Robinson is right and it is better to leave out the allusion as to Dr Leach and any other person who knew the wishes of the deceased as well as himself, as Leach has in the ‘British Medical Journal’, the transcript of which Hanham hopes Robinson has received; his reason for putting it in was that in his reply to [indecipherable] and Sherborne[?] Journals he said ‘that such was her wish would be shown in the further particulars […] demanded by his letter’; Hanham has had a ‘British Medical Journal’ sent to him so he thinks they can leave all that out as Robinson suggests; he will not decide on the urn without consulting Robinson first; he and his son go to see Mrs Reek today at 6; she sent a young friend of hers, a barrister, to see him; she is anxious to be certain of being cremated herself and understanding her anxiety, he wants to give all the comfort and satisfaction he can; there is nothing in Parliament yet; he thinks Cross must have had the closure applied to him by Robinson’s letter; he is glad Robinson is deriving all the benefit he expected; a friend of his wanted to know how much the tariff and what it would cost for six weeks; he hopes to see Wells [Sir Thomas Spencer Wells] next week; he asks if Robinson is to attend the Cremation Council meeting; Wells is attending