Letter from G. Jekyll [Gertrude Jekyll] to William Robinson

Scope and Content

Written from 15 Hyde Park Gate, Kensington Gore, [London] SW. Manuscript

She is glad to know he is safely home and hopes the holiday achieved what he wanted; she is going home but has to return to town next week; perhaps he would visit on Thursday 29th and tell her about his adventures; she is glad he did not visit Munstead on Sunday as the cruel March weather has spoilt the spring flowers, especially the anemones and primroses; she is glad to have been away often in London and Chester since mid-February, finishing off her ‘big job’; her rug came home safely and he will find his neatly marked in one corner; she has found good dressing gown stuff which he can look at if he calls; she encloses the first of the notes about house decoration; in others she would deal with themes then move through different parts of a house; she asks at what intervals they are to be published; she knows a source of Iris reticulata and will lay down a good stock; what a walk from Plymouth!

Dated 22 Mar, no year [1883; Robinson travelled abroad early in 1883; 29 Mar was a Thursday in 1883]