Letter from G. Jekyll [Gertrude Jekyll] to William Robinson

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Written from Munstead, [Godalming, Surrey]. Manuscript

She will see what she can do about the fragrant flowers; the flower border plan would be useful; it belongs to her article in 'The Garden' of 26 August and if he writes anything of that nature it should accompany it; she will see about a short description and keep the two cuttings to return together when she has gone into them; she has a plan of this place half completed; she cannot get out to finish it because of the snow; it is a comfortable garden in the way Robinson says, accessible and not obtrusive, which was her wish in laying it out; she would like to know whenever he is out of rosemary as a lot must be cut off this winter; she thanks him for the mullein seed and will sow it as he directs; the roses are safe and well rooted; some are strong-growing teas, now on a wall, others are in a bed of their own; parchment may be too dirtying as a binding for 'God's Acre'; the alpine garden looks better for the work done on it, with yews planted strategically and turf planted reducing the earth path to the size Robinson advised; there are good patches of bulbs which Jekyll lists including Crocus imperati, Narcissus minor and Fritillaria tristis; she only worries it will look untidy when the leaves are dying back

Dated 7 Dec, no year [1882; Jekyll's article appeared in 'The Garden' on 26 Aug 1882]

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