Letter from Edwin Chadwick to William Robinson

Scope and Content

Written from Park Cottage, East Sheen, Mortlake, [London] SW. Manuscript

He has been looking for a copy of his 1843 report on the practice of interment but cannot find one; he has not found any to rival it in the sanitary, economical and aesthetical treatment of the subject; a specialist in the horticultural treatment of cemeteries is much needed; he investigated ornamental trees and plants that would facilitate decomposition, chiefly through Paxton [Joseph Paxton], Loudon [John Claudius Loudon] and Pince [Robert Pince] of Exeter; Paxton’s treatment of a cemetery near Coventry was the best he knew of; he was preparing with Paxton the formation of a Necropolis before the legislation was defeated; he can discuss with Robinson the design which was produced with the special horticultural information after the report; he believes that Loudon’s death was accelerated by polluted air he encountered while examining a badly kept vault with Chadwick; he [?Loudon] published a pamphlet on the treatment of cemeteries from the horticultural and ornamentation point of view, which Robinson should get; he hopes Robinson will master the subject and deal with it professionally