Letter from Richard Owen [Sir Richard Owen] to William Robinson

Scope and Content

Written from Sheen Lodge, Richmond Park, Mortlake, [Surrey]. Manuscript

Robinson gave him a pleasurable evening looking at the plates in his ‘English Flower Garden’; he has written to his friend, Sir George Macleay, telling him of the beautiful view of Pendell Court; the admission with which Robinson has favoured Owen’s garden will prompt him to devote more time to it; his early flowering plants are all in bloom; his visitors are surprised at the bloom of the rhododendrons and he proposes a conundrum to the lady visitors; he looks forward to a visit from Robinson and Lushington in the summer; Robinson’s artist has contributed a glorious flower to the latest number [of ‘The Garden’]; he would gladly and promptly pay for any moderate parcel of hardy spring flowers; he will bear Richmond Park in mind