Letter from Richard Owen [Sir Richard Owen] to William Robinson

Scope and Content

Written from Sheen Lodge, Richmond Park, Mortlake, [Surrey]. Manuscript

He was looking over a series of ‘Notes’ made on birds frequenting his garden and believes them worth publishing and worth paying for; he was paid £6.5.0 for his contribution to the first issue of ‘Longman’s Magazine’; his garden songsters seem more suited to ‘The Garden’; other journals have tempted him, but if Robinson believes it worth his time, Owen would submit his manuscript to him before accepting other offers; he has recently had a seventh grandchild and since their father is a moderately paid official, Owen does not feel comfortable throwing away what might honestly pay; the manuscript would provide a column for successive issues in April, May and June; he asks if Robinson feels the need for variety sometimes, and since he has admitted insects, asks why not admit their predators