Letter from Amy Paget to William Robinson

Scope and Content

Written from 56 Queen Anne Street, London W. Manuscript

Miss Willmott gave her Robinson’s pamphlet [‘Civil War and Party Lawyers’, 1914] to read and she is sending it to their general in Ireland, knowing he will enjoy it; she has often described Gravetye to him; she cannot bear to think of ‘rows’ there as it is associated in her mind with beauty and peace; she often thinks of their day there and sits on his terrace when she is worried here – she has always been able to get right away [in her mind]; now she cannot do that as she is so angry with the ‘callous brutes’ in the Cabinet; her brother was ordered to do the most painful thing an officer can do and he obeyed; had it come off he would have been cursed by every person in Ulster, and their family would have been cursed from generation to generation; they have always served their country and been liberal, and ‘then to be ordered to crush the heart out of a brave race!’; she would like to visit him and asks to know when would be convenient

Dated ‘Sunday’, no month or year [1914; Paget’s brother, General Sir Arthur Paget, Commander in Chief in Ireland, was held responsible for the Curragh Incident which took place in Mar 1914]