‘Tree and garden book. Gravetye Manor’

Scope and Content

‘Gravetye Manor tree and garden book. Vol II’

Pasted, written or drawn in are:

‘India proof of bookplate’, with pencil sketch of pansies with decorative words ‘Gravetye’ and initials ‘WR’ above and below

Plan of fields merged, 1893 (page 7)

Sale particulars of Gravetye Manor Mill Place and Old Coombe Farms, West Hoathly, 1893 (page 9)

Lists of named varieties planted at Gravetye, of shrubs, of ‘things planted’, shrubs from Messrs Veitch, and ‘planting in gardens and pleasure grounds

Analysis of water at Gravetye Manor, 1894 (page 66)

Plans of Jarrett’s and Hoathly Fields, 1894 (page 67)

Plan of paddocks, 1894 (page 73)

Account due, press cuttings and sale catalogue relating to sale by auction of Sussex cattle at Gravetye Manor, 1895 (page 85-94)

List of ‘Pictures in house’ including by Corot and Fantin-Latour, 1895 (pages 100-106)

Catalogue of sale of farming stock at Gravetye Manor, 1897 (pages 139-141)

Valuation of farms, 1897 (page 142)

Press cuttings relating to cattle, 1897 (pages 143-146)

List of watercolours sold at Christie’s, 1898 (page 149); list of pictures sold, 1899 (page 183) and account (page 185)

Letters, memoirs and plans of Gravetye interior and estate from Mr Warner Burt who lived at Gravetye c.1848, with photographs of Gravetye Manor, 1848 (pages 161-168)

Report on Hampstead Heath by Robinson, 1898 (pages 169-170)

Note signed by Henry Moore giving the location of the scene in his painting ‘The Silver Streak’, c.1899 (page 179) [This item was originally pinned to the page, pins removed Feb 2014 for conservation purposes]

Plan of land sold to Robinson by E.M. Crookshank, 1900 (page 186)

Account of timber sold, 1900 (page 188)

Letter from Herbert Jekyll to Robinson on behalf of the Prince of Wales, expressing gratitude for the loan of furniture for the collections exhibited in the Royal Pavilion, Paris, Dec 1900 (page 189)

Plan of land by Vowles Lane, 1900 (pages 191-192)

Copy of report relating to Vowles Lane, 1900 (page 193)

List of watercolours sold at Christie’s, c.1900 (page 197)

Flyer relating to Royal Academy Club summer outing, 1901, including lunch at Gravetye Manor (page 198)

Letter to the Editor from Robinson relating to dirty fountains in Trafalgar Square, c.1903 (page 217)

List of pictures sold, 1903 (page 219)

List of property at Old Coombe Farm let to Thomas Robertson, 1904 (page 227)

Letter and account relating to sale of timber, 1904 (page 228)List of drives made at Gravetye, 1905 (page 231)

From page 247 the volume is blank

Inserted at pages 75-76 is a transcription of ‘Ad Torquatum’, Hor: Epist: V