Letter from H.R. Yorke [Sir Henry Francis Redhead Yorke] to William Robinson

Scope and Content

Written from Hillbrook Place, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire. Manuscript

He is now getting better; there was no option but for him to have an operation as he had a kink in the sigmoid flexure of the colon; without the operation he would have died; he hopes to regain his strength in time, and in the meantime he can move slowly in the yard and enjoy the sight of things growing; he is sending some photographs of the low wall which was finished when he was laid up [photographs not present]; Robinson was right that the wall would be an improvement; they are planting many plants to clothe it, and in the borders on each side; they have had heavy rain and frost of late; he gives an update on plants in his garden including daffodils, Rhododendron ciliatum, crocus, dog tooth violets, Gentiana asclepiadea, osmunda, Pieris japonica, Iris iberica and I. susiana; he is trying a lot of clematis in a specially prepared place; if it had not been for Robinson he would be surrounded with scarlet geraniums, calceolarias, lobelias and the like, so Robinson has not lived in vain; he asks if Robinson’s porch has been built; he and his wife hope to pay Robinson a visit this year, if his health permits and if Robinson will have them