Letter from E. Willmott [Ellen Willmott] to Miss Gilpin [Mary Gilpin]

Scope and Content

Written from Warley Place, Great Warley, Essex. Manuscript

She is sure Gilpin is sorry for her, Mr Robinson withdrawing his promise is a terrible blow; she faces a forced sale and packing up when she feels a wreck and not a soul to help her; she thinks of the hundreds she has helped; when the letter came she went out weeding to bring herself relief; being Roman Catholic, the two ways often chosen, suicide and inebriation, are forbidden and nor do they appeal to her; she knows Gilpin cannot do anything, but she has always been a kind friend; she will not say anything to anyone, but wait until the awful thing comes and go through with it without letting anyone know that she minds; she believes she is breaking up as she is so overworked and overtired but she is struggling on; she knows Mr Foster is her evil spirit; he does not like her and she does not know why

Dated 15 Jun, no year [c.1916; Robinson offered Willmott a £1000 mortgage in 1916 and later withdrew his offer. See ‘Miss Willmott of Warley Place’ / by Audrey Le Lievre]