Letter from S. Reynolds Hole [Samuel Reynolds Hole, Dean Hole] to William Robinson

Scope and Content

Written from Caunton Manor, [Newark, Nottinghamshire]. Manuscript

He thanks Robinson for the seeds; he will be glad to see Robinson again and return to him the ‘lovely exiles for a while expatriated by those gaudy bedding out swells’; he infers there is no hope of meeting Robinson tomorrow in that part of the Regent in which they first talked of ‘The Garden’; ‘The Six of Spades’ appeared at regular intervals, so speedily ran itself out; he will send the conclusion of ‘Mr Oldacre’s Story’ for next week’s issue and hopes to send a supply fortnightly; he has much to do in the clerical capacity; he believes he will like Robinson’s paper on Science etc; he watched a grand show at Manchester to oblige Mr Findlay, the curator of the botanical garden in which the exhibition is held; he wrote an account for the Manchester paper, but it was so hacked and abridged he will not do it again, however he encloses an extract to amuse him; Rollisson’s [William Rollisson] collection of alpine and herbaceous was the prettiest thing in the show

Dated Tuesday, no month or year [Jun 1872; the concluding part of ‘Mr Oldacre’s Story’ appeared in ‘The Garden’ on 15 Jun 1872]