Letter from Moreton Frewen [to William Robinson]

Scope and Content

The writer appears to have used an ‘addresslet’, attached to the top of the letter, from which the address has been detached and used to address the return envelope. Typescript

He and his wife were at Brede yesterday which was looking rather forlorn but with some signs of spring; they started talking about Robinson and decided to write and ‘ask how these tragic and awful days are dealing with’ him; he does not dare hope that Robinson has regained use of his lower limbs but hopes he is still able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings he had when they last heard from him; the anxiety of the days is almost too much but he believes they will ‘stand this terrific attack and that if we do it marks the beginning of the end’; but the ensuing problems will not be resolved in his day or Robinson’s; Allenby’s nickname is ‘the Bull’ and in the Book of Daniel it is prophesied that Jerusalem will be saved by the entry of the Bull; his boys are well, Hugh in the North Fleet and Oswald on a ship off Sierra Leone; his daughter and her children are living with them and she has become an accomplished sculptor; baby ‘Richard Brinsley Sheridan’ is a splendid two-year-old; he is sure the boy’s father in spirit looks on proudly

Dated 26 Mar, no year [1917; Richard Brinsley Sheridan was born in Sep 1915]