Letter from G. Jekyll [Gertrude Jekyll] to William Robinson

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Written from Capri, [Italy]. Manuscript

She is convinced of the wood and charcoal idea and is glad he encourages it; she had realised that a kitchen with a small charcoal fire would be too cold in winter; bread is baked in the brick oven and there are contrivances for heating water; today she saw one of the best kitchens in Capri, with a small fireplace for roasting with a jack; the only thing this is not suitable for is to roast large joints; here there are no 'accumulations of underground nastiness' and no drains; household waste is buried in the garden each day, which benefits the vines and olives; in Naples she will see the makers of the large glazed tiles used in kitchens; they are exported more cheaply than they can be bought in England, and are better; she will bring some samples home; she has not had 'The Garden' since 1 December and would like any later copies; she will leave Capri too soon to receive them but he should send them to Naples where she will be for some days

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