Abstracts [of accounts], Lists of Paupers and Year Books

Scope and Content

From March 1853 to March 1887, volumes were produced half-yearly, entitled ‘Abstracts and Lists of Paupers’; they contain information on the Guardians and officers of the Union and abstracts of the accounts of the Union, as well as the names of indoor and outdoor paupers. From Sep. 1887, half-yearly Abstracts of Accounts were produced separately from the Lists of Paupers, but copies of the Abstracts were bound together with the Lists of Paupers until March 1894. From September 1894, copies of the Abstracts were no longer bound with the Lists of Paupers. Throughout the whole period, the Lists of Paupers record the names of all paupers in Union institutions, with details of the number of days which they have spent in the institution. They also list all those in receipt of outdoor relief, by parish, with details of the relief given and reasons for needing relief.