The Portia Trust Papers

Scope and Content

Material relating to The Portia Trust, a charitable organisation that offers support to people who have committed crime or who are at risk of breaking the law and who suffer from loneliness, depression, mental or physical illness. Includes:

* Correspondence: letters from Ken Norman to Betty Jerman asking her to join The Portia Trust, 19 Feb 1990, and commenting on the Delia McCall case, 3 Aug 1990.

* Press Release: 'Embargoed for Midnight on Saturday 30 Jul' [1988 ?], from The Portia Trust (North). Concerns three-year prison sentence of Delia McCall on 22 Jul 1988. Also includes two letters: a 'Letter from a baby-snatcher', and a 'Letter from a near-snatcher'.

* Publications: 'Future Friends', Aug 1988, Issue 48, the South Edition. Meeting forum for the lonely, depressed or disabled; 'In Trouble', 8 Sep 1977. Contains two essays: 'The Crime of Baby Love' by Ken Norman, telling the story of Pauline Jones (pseudonym Gillian Selby); and, 'In Retreat', calling for a 'retreat' for those women who are neither criminals nor insane but 'in-betweens'.

* The Portia Trust Newsletter, with photocopied articles from the Daily Star, 29 Jan 1990, and the Guardian, 7 Feb 1990, and a re-worked version of Ken Norman's article 'The Crime of Baby Love'.