Bundle of poetry magazines

Scope and Content

Five early issues of Carcanet magazine, issued in Oxford and edited by Michael Schmidt; this undergraduate magazine laid the foundations for Carcanet Press. Copies included here are as follows:

  • /1 Winter 1967-1968.
  • /2 Summer-autumn 1968. This issue was co-edited by Lindop and also includes two of his poems: 'On a French translation of Joyce's Ulysses' and 'To Nigel, lost in depth'.
  • /3 Spring 1969. Includes five poems by Lindop: 'The Wizard', 'Indian Country', 'The Madness of Merlin', 'Revenant' and 'Mao Tse-Tung'
  • /4 Autumn 1969. Includes three poems by Lindop: 'A falling house', 'Perplexed by the sunlight' and 'The messenger'.
  • /5 Winter 1969-1970. Includes three poems by Lindop: 'Condemned houses', 'Translated from the Greek of Sappho (Loeb No. 2)' and 'The truth about Ariadne'.